Jay – Student

17 Nov 2021

As a radiographer student on placement, I felt it challenging when positioning patients with various habitus and mobility. It turns out that the ‘typical’ position from the textbook will no longer be ‘typical’. More than providing me with preliminary training during the theory study,

medspace.VR has enabled me to critique the mistakes made on virtual patients. Through recognising how the images look due to the suboptimal position or exposure parameters, I tended to fix the problems on virtual patients in medspace.VR. I was able to reflect how to avoid similar issues on the real patients under clinical circumstances, especially when applying modified techniques on trauma patients. Learning from mistakes is one of the essential parts of healthcare education and practice. The virtual and immersive clinical scenarios created by medspace.VR produce more opportunities for me to reflect on each practice, eventually boosting my confidence and competence in the real world. I sincerely wish more radiography students could access and utilise this software with your critical and positive minds. No doubt will you feel rewarded the same as me!

Zhongjie (Jay) Dong

Graduate Radiographer at I-MED Radiology Network in Bundaberg

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