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Experience the power of 3D immersive visualisation. medspace.XR puts the user in a fully rendered and interactive 3D digital radiography room with students able to use Beam-Eye Views, skeletal rendering and 3D imaging. Our unique animated feedback system with intuitive controls and PC and Mac compatibility is designed to encourage independent learning, while facilitating formal assessment of technique within a fully customisable academic framework.

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Preparing learners for one of the most challenging and unforgiving clinical environments. medspace.CA places the student in a 3D virtual operating theatre complete with surgeon, sterile areas and mobile C-Arm equipment. This module provides valuable experience with positioning. The unique immersive visualisation facilitates understanding of the 3D challenges while the fully customisable environment enables creation of a range of learning experiences.

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Empowering learners with pre-clinical preparation teaching with techniques to optimise clinical placement time. medspace.CT is the world’s first interactive Virtual Reality CT room and allows students to set up and visualise the full range of CT techniques in a safe and cost-effective 3D virtual environment. Set up your own scans using the in-built CT dataset or import your own images for a fully customisable learning experience.

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Virtual Reality for Medical Imaging


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Cost effective, high fidelity, realistic and effective virtual radiography learning environments give you the edge.

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For Institutions

Engaging, Economical, Evidence based & Effective Training

medspace.VR modules provide sophisticated realistic 3D skills acquisition environments where learners benefit from highly realistic, hands-on training in every aspect of radiography from routine high volume radiography work to advanced, complex and high pressure techniques. The applications are aimed at pre-registration medical radiation science students and geared for rapid and cost-effective deployment in higher education or clinical departments.

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For Students

Enjoy Learning & Practicing New Skills

Develop vital medical imaging skills and build confidence in a highly realistic virtual 3D skills acquisition and learning environment. medspace.VR student edition provides an affordable, practical solution that runs on your PC or Mac, so you can practice almost anywhere.

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More than just equipment simulation

Student Edition

Our medspace.VR Radiography Student Edition Suite of 3D medical imaging skills acquisition modules runs on a standard PC or Mac, providing an affordable educational solution that allows students to develop practical skills and build confidence whether on campus or at home.

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Radiography Suite

Our flagship Radiography Suite of medical imaging 3D skills acquisition modules includes three highly realistic interactive simulated radiography environments: the general radiography room, CT scanner and C-arm theatre. These modules provide a wide range of learning opportunities from routine high volume radiography work to the advanced, complex and high pressure techniques.

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All medspace.VR products include a wide range of features to facilitate learning activity design. Tutors follow a quick and easy process to create an unlimited number of “standard” setups and images that can be tailored to local practice and saved as protocols for students to work towards. Additionally, users are able to interact with all the medspace.VR modules “off-protocol” and experiment with the room. This is especially useful for recruitment and marketing events where prospective students can “play” with the software while gaining an understanding of the medical imaging workplace.

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