medspace.VR provides effective pre-clinical technique preparation without the need for costly laboratory-based simulations or hard-to-come-by preclinical placements. Users can switch on and engage with the software as if it were a real clinical machine and obtain realistic results both good and bad. Educators can develop their own range of technique protocols and standards against which users can review their results. medspace.VR will animate the differences and specific changes that need to be implemented in the future.

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Join our medspace.VR community forum where you can communicate with other users and medspace.VR staff to ask questions, iron out any issues, report any bugs, give us feedback and discuss your experiences. We also provide a full range of support services to our customers including access to video tutorials and valuable resources in downloadable PDF formats including a step-by-step installation guide, software manuals and more.

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For institutes

For Institutions

medspace.VR offers more widespread large-class learning at a fraction of the cost of laboratory-based learning. Designed to scale according to the capability of your existing hardware from simple 2D workstations to large screen 3D theatres, the modules will happily run on existing workstations across campus and can be made available for off-campus student remote access 24 hours a day. Talk to us about our innovative and competitive pricing structures.

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For students

For Students

Enjoy learning new skills in a safe, stress-free, highly realistic environment. medspace.VR has been developed using cutting edge gaming and visualisation software technology to place users in a virtual environment that is as realistic as possible in terms of both process and appearance. Our VR learning environments are characterised by realistic-looking equipment, patients and health professional avatars. Attention to detail including sounds, décor and texture ensures that user experience is as close as possible to the real clinical situation, which has proven benefits for transfer of skills.

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