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Medspace XR


  • 3D digital radiography room
  • Independent learning

medspace.XR puts the user in a fully rendered and interactive 3D digital radiography room. Intuitive controls, PC and Mac compatibility, and a unique animated feedback system. Designed to encourage independent learning while facilitating formal assessment of technique with a full set of supplied standards. Institutions can also distribute custom-made standards with an institutional license.

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Medspace CA


  • 3D virtual operating theatre
  • Mobile C-Arm

medspace.CA places the student in a 3D virtual operating theatre complete with the surgeon, sterile areas, and mobile C-Arm equipment. Providing valuable experience with positioning to prepare students for one of the most challenging and unforgiving clinical environments. This module facilitates understanding of the 3D challenge while the supplied set of standards allow students to learn correct techniques. Institutions can also distribute custom-made standards with an institutional license.

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Medspace CT


  • World’s first VR CT
  • Safe & cost-effective

medspace.CT is the world’s first interactive Virtual Reality CT room. Allowing learners to set up and visualise the full range of CT techniques in a safe and cost-effective 3D virtual environment. This module facilitates pre-clinical preparation teaching with techniques to optimise clinical placement time. Institutions can also distribute custom made standards including loading custom CT datasets with an institutional license

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For student use off campus

  • XR – Radiography
  • CA – C-Arm
  • CT- Computed Tomography

Technical Standards

Full set of technical standards included. Educators can create additional standards with an institutional license

Computer Requirements

For Windows PC and Mac OSX

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