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Medspace XR


  • General radiography
  • Realistic process simulation

General radiography module utilises high physical and functional fidelity to improve the transfer of skills to clinical environments. Learners interact with the virtual environment in the same way as they would in a clinical room. Using medspace.VR environments for practice ensures learners are better equipped to optimise their clinical experience. Learners concentrate on patient interactions and image quality evaluation. medspace.VR products, emphasise realistic process simulation rather than image generation. Images produced are designed to illustrate positioning and setup accuracy whilst the software aims to facilitate clinical skill acquisition.

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Medspace CA


  • Mobile C-Arm apparatus
  • World’s first in-theatre VR

medspace.CA the world’s first simulation of in-theatre imaging places the learner in a “sterile” operating theatre alongside mobile C-Arm apparatus. This module delivers a challenging learning environment for students with time pressure and low tolerance for error. medspace.CA aims to provide realistic process simulation to better prepare students for the challenges of these procedures. Equipment must be positioned within the room to suit the surgeon’s needs while maintaining sterility and generating useful images. The environment utilises high physical and functional fidelity in order to improve future transfer of skills to clinical practice.

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Medspace CT


  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Realistic patient model

medspace.CT is the world’s first interactive Virtual Reality CT room, allowing learners to set up and visualise the full range of CT techniques in a safe and cost-effective 3D virtual environment. This module facilitates pre-clinical preparation teaching with techniques to optimise clinical placement time. Institutions can also distribute custom made standards including loading custom CT datasets with an institutional license.

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What to know about the Environment, Equipment, Patient, Imaging, Administration, & Surgeons (CA)?

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For Windows PC and Mac OSX

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