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The team behind medspace.VR includes a unique blend of health science academics, clinical health professionals, software developers and game designers. The synergy generated through the close collaboration of these specialists is evident in the medspace.VR Radiography Suite of medical imaging 3D modules designed to facilitate clinical skill acquisition in medical health students.

With the sharpest minds in the industry involved in every step from software development to testing, it’s no wonder that medspace.VR modules are more than just equipment simulators; they are sophisticated and realistic 3D skills acquisition and learning environments.

Dr. Pete Bridge

Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy

Pete is currently a senior lecturer in Radiotherapy and Oncology at the University of Liverpool where he teaches radiotherapy planning, physics and research skills. Prior to this, he worked as a senior lecturer and undergraduate course coordinator at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Pete’s research interests lie in innovative radiotherapy education and particularly the use of simulation as partial replacement for clinical placement time. He conducted the first evaluation of a virtual linear accelerator educational resource prior to its commercialisation as VERT (Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training) and led a funded project to develop and evaluate a medical imaging 3D immersive educational environment. He has published on a wide range of educational innovations ranging from VR applications to engaging patients to provide student feedback. He co-authored the “CT Anatomy for Radiotherapy” textbook and currently delivers a Masters module on MRI in Radiotherapy. Pete is passionate about international collaboration and has recently helped coordinate a Delphi consensus study concerning simulation, an international audit of simulation practice and an online conference concerning use of simulation during COVID-19 placement restrictions. In his spare time he enjoys mountains, mud and good beer.

Dr. Therese Gunn


Therese completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Imaging in 1993. She has 20 years of clinical experience both in Australia and the UK. She has worked in both the private and public sector as well as large regional and small rural departments. Therese has been actively involved in University undergraduate education since 2006 and also works as a lecturer in medical imaging. Her varied clinical roles have provided her with a wealth of skills and experiences and enjoys sharing these with her students. Therese holds a Doctoral degree in the use of virtual reality simulation for education in medical radiation sciences, from the Queensland University of Technology. Therese has a passion for engaging health students with a wide range of simulation activities to enhance their learning. Her work and studies aim to improve student educational outcomes thereby patient experience. As a company founder Therese’s clinical and academic skills ensure the software is both educationally powerful and grounded in the real clinical world.

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