Operating theatre radiography environment

medspace.CA is the world’s first simulation of in-theatre imaging and places the user in a “sterile” operating theatre alongside mobile C-Arm apparatus. The clinical room itself is a challenging learning environment for students with time pressure and low tolerance for error. medspace.CA aims to provide realistic process simulation to better prepare students for the challenges of these procedures. Equipment must be positioned within the room to suit the surgeon’s needs while simultaneously maintaining sterility and generating a useful image. As with all medspace.VR modules the environment utilises high physical and functional fidelity in order to improve future transfer of skills to clinical practice.


Demonstration start to finish of an AP Hip pinning proceedure



medspace.CA is the world’s first 3D immersive operating theatre imaging environment and places the user in an operating theatre complete with sterile surfaces, surgeon and mobile C-Arm imaging equipment. Users are able to navigate around the room and change viewpoint as well as interact with the equipment. Various surfaces are designated as sterile and must not be touched by any of the equipment. This unique environment simulates one of the most challenging scenarios for a medical imaging professional.


Unlike other medspace.VR modules, users have no control over the initial environment or patient position, mimicking clinical practice. They start by selecting a protocol; this then immediately places them into the operating theatre with the patient positioned as per surgical procedure requirements. Users are tasked with placing the C-Arm and monitors in the most appropriate positions and setting up for the required image. As with other medspace.VR modules, the user has full control over the equipment and simply clicks on the equipment control to bring up an interactive display. The user must position the different items of equipment within the constraints of the environment as well as ensure correct imaging parameters are selected.


Imaging is conducted as per clinical practice with users selecting parameters as rapidly as possible. The software will display the resultant image as well as the “standard” image for comparison. The unique challenge of the theatre environment requires users to not only generate the image but also to place the equipment in the optimal configuration. medspace.CA will provide users with animated feedback of recommended improvements to each challenge.


The environment features an interactive surgeon who waits impatiently for the imaging to be completed. The surgeon provides verbal feedback if the user causes collision of equipment or invasion of sterile areas. The high resolution 3D environment combined with the realistic surgeon avatar provides a heightened sense of presence and realism without the time and performance pressures associated with the real clinical situation.


All medspace.VR products are designed with learning in mind and provide a wide range of features to facilitate learning activity design. Tutors are able to create “standard” setups and images that can be tailored to local practice while operating in as unrestricted a manner as possible. The software enables unlimited standard setups to be created and saved as a protocol for students to work towards. This process is rapid and simple, making initial setup straightforward. Additionally, users are able to interact with all the medspace.VR modules “off-protocol” and experiment with the room. The latter function is especially useful for recruitment and marketing events where potential students are able to “play” with the software while gaining an understanding of the medical imaging workplace.
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