Assignments using MedSpace

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Assignments using MedSpace

Postby agretencord » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:38 pm

Has anyone required their students to submit an assignment using Medspace? If so, what kind of an assignment(s) and has it been successful. Right now the students receive a grade for participation only. Next semester I would like to incorporate an assignment of some kind using the software. Perhaps a screen shot of their position? I welcome any thoughts!!
Thanks, Amy

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Re: Assignments using MedSpace

Postby ThereseG » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:49 am

Hi Amy,

Firstly, apologies for taking a while to reply - I thought my alerts were activated.

I can give you a few ways we assess the students at my university.

1. Our students are required to submit a portfolio of images and critiques done over the semester in our labs (both physical x ray labs and medspace). So they screenshot the medspace image and recognising that the image isn't x ray quality, I give them x ray images of the projections they performed to critique.
2. Another way I have seen it used by one of my colleagues is to use medspace as part of the imaging process. The students receive a request form, they need to interpret it and then take the images using VR. Again, the final product is a screenshot within their assignment of the full process.
3. Also, CT - another colleague has actually taken screen shots of the imaging start positions (or any element within the process) and had it as a theory exam question. For example, there could be an image of the start position with laser lights of the start position for a CT Head and then the question - is this correct? how would you improve it? which way will the couch/table movement need to go?
4. C-Arm - we have equipment subjects and we have taken screen shots of the C-Arm and the students are asked to identify or label different components/buttons and explain lock movements etc

The students can be a little sneaky though, so I would ask them to submit a screen shot of the the full image monitor. Our students worked out they could click on the technical standard under their image and they would be handed an image without any work. If you see the technical standard button, you know it will be their own image.

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